Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We have achieved a level of greatness as parents that we had not previously thought possible

Tonight, Sam ate a complete and balanced meal for dinner which included beef stroganoff, peas and fruit juice. Next on my agenda? Splitting the atom...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some new pictures

Lately Sam has been showering with Owen at night before bed - which he hates. He cries through a lot of it. So, to ease the pain we have bought him a new special toothbrush just for the shower (He is a HUGE fan of oral hygiene) and also let him snuggle up in our bed to watch Sesame Street when it's all over. It's not a perfect solution, but it does dull the pain a little bit.

Sam decided to take a close up look at the edge of the coffee table. Very close up. After that his bruise turned green. That was attractive.

Sam's got mad skills when it comes to batting practice. We actually have forked out the $4 to buy him a bat since this picture was taken, and have put the table leg back on the Lego table.

Sammy's new big boy bed

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Conversation on the ride to work this morning

Me: So, do you think you might want to cut the chord this time?
Owen (repulsed): Oh my God no!
Me: Are you sure? Mom won't be there to do it this the doctor or somebody will have do it.
Owen: Yeah, I know...that's fine. Can we talk about something else? I just had some bile come up my throat.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Proof that some of the worst drivers in the nation aim their crosshairs down the center line in Fayette-Nam

Today, as I was haded to the grocery, I actually saw somebody swerve to avoid and then honk at a PARKED ABANDONED CAR on the side of the road. Yeah! Take that!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Some pre-Christmas pictures I'd meant to post

It's been a long time coming I see from the date stamp on my last entry, I am woefully overdue. The truth is that things have been very busy, though not with anything worth mentioning. As can be expected, the life of a teacher brings with it several meetings each week along with paren issues to be addressed, lessons to be planned and, an especially big one in North Carolina, tests to prepare for. I don't make excuses for my lack of writing this time around because I don't think it could have been helped much.

I have had several requests to get on the MySpace bandwagon lately. Though I started a MySpace accound ages ago in an effort to track down old classmates, I am short on desire to do much with it. I find the website frusterating - I am not able to do any kind of updates or anything to my page, and I can't help feeling that it seems a lot like a singles ad. Perhaps if I shut it down completely and then start over again. The only problem is that I am already doing a piss-poor job of keeping this one updated - like I need another one to neglect.

Christmas was chaotic for us this year. We were at home in MI from 12/20 through 1/1. During that time we had to fit in the next 4-6 months' worth of visits and family time. We will be seeing some family when Pete is born in April but the rest we won't see until summer, if at all. Our future here in NC remains somewhat in the air. We vascillate on where we'd like to be and what we'd like to be doing. There is a big part of me that would move closer to home in any way possible, however, there is also the part of me that understands how completely broke we are and how unlikely it is that we can afford such a move this summer - espcially because we will be in financial recovery from my unpaid maternity leave.

Sam is growing like a weed and it wouldn't surprise me to see him ready to pack up and head for college next week. While we were home over vacation, his langage exploded and the constant gibberish we have enjoyed for months has begun to take on a much more functional/conversational quality. He has become pretty good at expressing his feelings, wants, needs and affection. Overall, he is a very happy, energetic kid.

I have to admit my eyes got a little damp last night as we packed up his crib and set up his new "big boy" bed. We wanted to begin that transition now in order to head off any potential resentment that could come along in April when Pete takes up residency in the crib. Also, Owen caught Sam in the process of climbing out of it yesterday morning. Since we had planned to make the switch soon, we figured yesterday might as well be the day. As it happened, he adores his new bed and when it was time to hit the sack last night, he walked right up to it and climbed in on his own. No fussing, no tears (except mine!). He went right to sleep and we didn't hear a peepe out of him until he woke himself up caughing at 4:30. We managed to hold him off until 5:30, when he decided it was time to face tha day. Owen, the love of my life, got up with him and let me continue to sleep, a passtime that has become both less enjoyable (due to physical discomfort) and less possible (doe to frequent visits to the restroom).

Though nothing particularly significant, I suppose that's it for now.