Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not painful but distinctly uncomfortable

Okay. So, it turns out that looking back over your old blog postings is a lot like looking back at your junior high yearbook. You ask a lot of the same questions:

What was I thinking??
What was I doing??
Why did I wear that??

You also make a lot of very clever observations, such as wow, I can't believe I thought people would want to see/know that. And also, wow, I can't believe I was willing to say/write that. It's the mental equivalent of looking at pictures of yourself in braces. With mismatched earrings that you wore that way on purpose. Not painful, but distinctly uncomfortable.

I've come a long way since I started this thing 5 years ago. For one thing, I had a baby. And then, in a magnificent display of astonishingly bad judgment, I had another one two years later TO THE DAY. I love Pete, but that was just a dumb thing to do.

What else? I finished my second college degree. (Again, dumb. I will never have all my student loans paid off) I got a teaching job and moved to the worst part of NC. (No offense to those of you who love it here. People who live in the desert love it there too and you won't see me there any time soon either.) We have no mountains, no beach, no fun city things to do. We do have heat (ugh), fire ants (ouch) and a big ass Army base. And not much else.

The best news I have to offer is only good news for us teachers. School will be out in 3 weeks. 12 1/2 days, specifically. And then my sanity will slowly begin to seep back into my skull only slightly impeded by the madness brought on by sharing a house with two preschool-aged boys.