Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The big mysteries in life...

Thought for the day:

Why is it that pants sizes and underwear sizes aren’t the same? How can it be that I wear one size in pants and then a size that is more than 10 sizes smaller in underwear? (Flashback: “Actually those ARE my underwear; my butt just looks really big in these pants.”). Similarly, why is it that I wear a 7 ½ shoe but that women’s socks only come in size 9-11? How many women in this country wear a shoe that is a 9, 10 or 11? Why don’t they rename them to something like 6-9? Why must ALL the forces of the world, including clothing manufacturers, conspire to make things just that much more difficult…to give us just one more piece of crap we have to remember?

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April Dawn said...

I wear a size 9 shoe. They have a tendency to look like clown feet and shopping for new shoes often makes me want to cry as there are no cute styles for big feet as there are for small. But alas... We'll say size is relative to height. You are 5'5" and I am 5'8".