Thursday, January 04, 2007

Kinda funny...

Where I work, I often am told things over the phone that make my blood run cold. Sometimes I hear about things that I used to think only happened in the movies or in big cities. But on rare occasion, I hear something that kind of makes me chuckle. Here is just such an instance from one of today’s telephone calls:

Me: “Okay…so now I need to you to give me a little information about why you need counseling. It helps our clinical staff determine who would be best suited to treat you.”

Anonymous: “Okay. Well…um…the court says I have to get counseling husband? Well...he’s an alcoholic and…um…he fell off the wagon…and he got a D.U.I. the police came to arrest him? They found some marijuana in the house. And he told them it was mine…because it was.”

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