Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sammy the Hammy does Halloween

This weekend we went to Raleigh to see Owen's mom off back to Michigan. After we dropped her at the airport, we took some time to visit the Crabtree Valley Mall. Now, it is normal policy that we do not enter the Disney store, however, we were interested in pricing the Little Einstein videos. (Much cheaper to TiVo and then burn to disk). While we were there, we noticed that their Halloween costumes were on sale and that we could turn Sam into a fantastically cute Nemo for just over $20. So...we bought it. Owen is working on how to upload the video of him playing in his costume to the blogs. He absolutely loves to wear it and had a complete tantrum when I took it off so he could go to bed last night. Here are a couple of still photos. You will notice the quality is awful...this is because he wouldn't stand still for a second and I had to catch him on the move.

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