Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Are you one? Are you two...

Well, well, well…today is my birthday. I am officially 27 years old. (I am also officially 13 weeks pregnant.) In case you were wondering, today is also Eleanor Roosevelt’s birthday. Something I did not know: FDR was her COUSIN!!! According to the Writer’s Almanac for today:

“It's the birthday of Eleanor Roosevelt, born in New York City (1884). Her father was an alcoholic and her glamorous mother made fun of Eleanor for her plain looks. She was in Italy visiting her grandmother when she bumped into her cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the two began a secret courtship that wound up in their marriage in 1905.”

It is also Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Wedding Anniversary. You may or may not wish to send them a card. Similarly, today is also the day that Anita Hill testified against Clarence Thomas before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Other interesting notes? Today in 1868 Thomas Edison patented his first invention (the electronic voice machine), the great Chicago fire of 1871 was finally extinguished after three days, Alaska Davidson was appointed as the FBI’s first female special investigator in 1922, Saturday Night Live premiered with George Carlin as its fist host in 1975 and Jimmy Swaggart got caught soliciting a prostitute in 1991.

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Andrew Andrew said...

Happy birthday!