Monday, October 31, 2005

Shit shit shit shit shit

Well, Owen, baby and I had our 16 week appointment today (The baby and I are fine, the doctor isn't so sure about Owen) and, despite my best efforts (which Owen strenuously suggested were underwhelming at best), I was unable to convince my doctor of the medical necessity of doing an ultra-sound. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say that no amount of reported cramping, spasming, discharge or discomfort was enough to convince her to take a peek and let us know whether to call the baby “him” or “her.”

In fact, I think she may have caught on to my ploys. When we went to check out, we were informed that our 18 week appointment had been POSTPONED from Nov. 14th to the 22nd. WHAT?!?!? The good news: we made sure to get all the way out of the office and into the parking lot before we let the expletives fly. Other good news: the baby’s ears aren’t well developed enough to have heard any of the swearing.

I should note that we did, by the way, get to hear his/her heartbeat lout loud for the first time today. It was incredible and I think I maybe could have laid there and listened to it all day. Also, I have gained a smidge of weight but am now right on track as far as that goes and my blood pressure is 100% fantastic. I have to go in for some blood work tomorrow – a glucose tolerance test and some routine screenings.


Andrew Andrew said...

"What, you try to trick me? No ultrasound for you!"

Mom said...

Let's get crackin', lady! I need some new material to read!