Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Here it comes again...

Owen and I are considering doing a Christmas comeback album this year…reviving the gone-but-not-forgotten tradition of stealing a few excellent songs and compiling them all into a Charismas masterpiece. The problem (and the reason we backed away from it a few years ago) is that we have used up a lot of the good songs and are running low on materials. Granted, I’m sure we missed a few, and some new worthwhile tunes have come to our attention, but we’re not sure we have enough to make a whole album.

So…we need your help! For those of you who already own the highly collectable set, let me know what we’ve missed in the past that you think should be included. Or, perhaps, what has come out recently that you think deserves a fair shake. You can post your ideas here to the blog. For reasons of not wanting to be discovered and fired from my job, I’ll not post my email address here. However, if you already have either mine or Owen’s email address, feel free to drop us a line there as well. All submissions will be considered but, as creative directors, Owen and I will retain the final say on what makes the cut.

Thanks everybody!


Andrew Andrew said...

I think you should record your own this year. Get everybody you know to sing a song. Instant holiday classic.

Sarah said...

Yikes! Could be scary...

What would YOU like to sing, my dear Andrew Andrew?

Andrew Andrew said...

A stirring rendition of "White Christmas."

Aunt Suzy said...

I still like the song that Faith Hill did from the movie "Grinch". Ithink it may have something in the title like, "Where have you gone Christmas" Unfortunatly it reminds me of our first Christmas without Grandma.
AS for the Christmas Albums that you have made in the past. I only have the first one. Hum lets see, that makes me really low on the totem pole doesn't it.
love you guys!

Anonymous said...

How about "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Kind of sad, but true.
And Suzy - if you'd like to burn copies of the other disks I will bring them to you. After all, they are NOT copyrighted. At least, not that I know of.


Amy "Santa Says My Name Three Times" Scott said...

I have a few suggestions:

First, Who in our family doesn't look back on The Cats singing holiday favorites with happiness and glee? Phoey on the year Grandma hid it from us.

Next, Skip the dead cat song. Laura and I played it for eveyone one year because we couldn't believe they made a cristmas song that centered around a dead cat.

Finally, I'm a fan of anything involving BNL - skip anything by Mariah Carey and/or The Backstree Boys.

I'll update as events warrant.

Sarah said...

We put "Do they know it's Christmas" on already.'s really obvious that you don't listen to it all year long.

VH1's I love the 80s 3D mentioned that song. Their observation? "They don't know it's Christmas because they're too busy being poor and starving."