Thursday, March 16, 2006

I have just come from the first of my now-weekly appointments with the obstetrician. It looks like everything is going well and I have a new ultra sound picture. I know what you must be thinking…didn’t I tell you that I was told there would be no more ultra sounds? This is true, I did. I also said that would be the case if everything was normal.

Due to a large, round, head-shaped protrusion on the upper right part of my abdomen, the doctor was a little concerned that Sam might be in the breech position. She did all the poking and squeezing she could to determine his position but was unable to figure out what was going on and so in rolled the sonogram machine. It turns out that he’s not in the breech position and everything is normal. That big round protrusion happens to be his rear-end which is, according to the doctor, quite firm. He obviously doesn’t get that from me.

Here is the sonogram picture. According to the doctor, it’s his head, though I’d be hard-pressed to have told you that on my own. I am also happy to report that his most recent parts inventory indicates that everything is present and accounted for.


Isabel said...

Baby looks good!

elisa said...

Hi, I just happened upon your blog and I am due Easter MONDAY - the day after you. Just wanted to say hi. Pretty cool to read about someone else who is so close to the end like me! Woo hoo for us!