Thursday, April 27, 2006

Chunky Monkey...

Owen and I took Sam for his 2-week doctor visit today (even though he is actually 16 days old). It turns out there's a reason this child has been eating non-stop since he was born!

Let me be specific. He was borh on the 11th at 7 pounds, one ounce. On the 14th, when we were discharged, he weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces. This loss of weight is common, I am told, and most newborns return to their birth weight within two weeks. On the following Monday, the 17th, Sam had eaten his way back up to 7 pounds, three ounces. Way to go, Sam! Ahead of the curve! Today, the nurse weigned him and he measured in at 8 pounds, six ounces! He also gre an inch and a half in length. My thoughts? It's a darn good thing we got him out when we did!

Also, his belly button stump fell off last night. Imagine my spurprise when I went to change his diaper this morning and there it was, floating around in his PJ's! Freaking nasty! Disgusting! I had to pick it up with a piece of gauze to throw it away....blech!

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Gramy said...

Sam's picture is now the background on my desktop at work. Guess how many comments I've had?!

What a great picture!

Gramy Muir