Friday, April 07, 2006

Where I'm at now...

I was thinking that it’s about time for an update, so here goes. Yesterday I went to the doctor for my normal weekly appointment. If you have been following along, you already know that I have been ordered on bed rest because of water retention and that yesterday marked the end of my first week off my feet.

Yesterday’s doctor visit brought with it the following information:

1. I have not gained any weight. This is good news. I have not lost any weight. This is not quite as good news as there was some home that some of the swelling would go down if I was off my feet. Turns out it just moved elsewhere.
2. My blood pressure went up a little. Just a little, but still, not good.
3. There was a little bit of protein in my urine.
4. I was not at all dilated. (I refuse to explain this one. If you don’t know what I mean, look up child birth on

According to my doctor, the first three things taken together mean that either I am at the beginning stages of preeclampsia or I will go into labor at any minute. Also, according to my doctor, had I been at all dilated, she’d have sent me over to the hospital to be induced (yikes!).

They drew some blood to run some tests. I have no idea what ones they were. All I know is that I was to wait for a call in the afternoon…had the results not been good, I would have been called back to the hospital for induction. Needless to say, I went home feeling a little freaked and a lot frenzied because I am now on strict bed rest and, of course, I was not ready and Owen couldn’t come home to help me).

As it is, no matter how it happens, she does not think I will make it to my due date (Easter Sunday) and has told me that she will not let me go past it.

Here is the new current game plan: rather than wait until my appointment next Thursday, I am now going in on Monday (unless I go into labor first in which case I am off the hook). If, on Monday, it is found that either my BP has gone up more, my protein level has gone up, my weight has gone up significantly or (and this last one is just my own suspicion) if I am at all dilated, I will be sent to the hospital to be induced on Monday night. If everything is the same as it was yesterday, I go back home and wait some more.

Oddly as it sounds, we are now waiting with a greater sense of urgency. I don’t know how you “wait harder” but we certainly are. Everybody is on high alert, cell phones synchronized and ready. And me…I’m still in my freaking chair. We now have a serious love/hate relationship.

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