Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Confessions of a reluctant poster girl...

When I wrote my piece on Choice, I had no idea whatsoever that it would be read by so many people or receive anywhere near the attention it has attracted. I don’t say that as any sort of defense – I stand by what I said. However, I wrote it directed to a specific audience: my family. Up until Sunday, they were the only people who read my blog. Well, them and people who I assume got lost and ended up there by mistake.

Had I intended this piece to be a hard-hitting expose, I’d have written it as such. As was my intention, however, it was written more as a confessional piece than a raging manifesto. We have an unspoken truce in my family…some of us will be liberals and some of us will be conservatives…and we’ll agree not only to disagree but never to engage in political discussion. Why? Because we like each other…and because we all know there are other, more appropriate venues for tubthumping than, say, Christmas dinner. What I did was sort of a violation of the truce…and I somewhat expected to pay the price for it.

I am going to unequivocally state, though, that it is my resolution that this blog will not change one iota in nature despite the recent political attention it has attracted. So, dear readers, if it’s quirky snippets, crock-pot recipes, ultra sound photos and the occasional rant you’re looking for, you’re welcome to stick around. But this has not been, and will not become, a politically-oriented blog. I’m sorry to say that you’re going to be stuck reading about doctor visits and the like for the time being. I will not be engaging in verbal combat with angry readers…and will restrict my interactions with those people to their own venues.

And, Jake...if you're reading...I'm kind of sorry for being so harsh with you yesterday. I still think you're a pig and all, but I do have some mighty powerful hormones running the show these days. If it makes you feel any better, I'm a little grumpier than usual with everybody.

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Jo said...

For what it's worth, Blogging for Choice was more than I could handle myself. I have the same issues with The Fam; a father who's conservative by nature and a Mom who's more liberal than a lot of folk give her credit for. So I didn't blog for choice this year; instead, I linked to your blog.

What folk need to understand is this: politics is as much a part of life as sonograms, greens recipes, and blogging about day-to-day irritations. I, too, occasionally blog on controversial stuff, and I quail every time I hit "post".

There are angry people out there. There are even rude people out there, who haven't learned to moderate their typing. But politics--and choice--can no more be separated from our blogs than they can be from our lives. What I Cooked On My Day Off (my blog), or your ranting, will continue to interweave with the Political Issues. They're all a part of daily life.

Congratulations for not quailing *too* much at "post".