Thursday, January 19, 2006

Today's Doctor Visit

Sam and I went to the doctor again today (I can’t go anywhere without him, you know) for a checkup. On Sunday we will officially be 28 weeks along, roughly 7 months. It’s kind of hard to believe.

The doctor says everything is fine and normal. I should stop lifting things at work and make sure to elevate my feet whenever possible to keep swelling down. Both she and my family doctor (whom I saw yesterday) noticed and commented on it. She again put her little magic machine on my tummy and Owen and I could hear his heart beating once more. I asked if there would be another ultrasound but the nurse told me that, unless there is a problem, there will be no more. I was kind of bummed. I’ve been spoiled by all of them and was hoping to get another, more updated peek at him before April. They also sent me to the lab for what will hopefully be the last of my lab work: a 1-hour glucose test to make sure my blood sugar is fine. The phlebotomist did a terrible job – missed the vein and began to dig around with the needle. I freaking hate that. It hurts.

The doctor also says things are “coming along” enough now that I am to go in for a visit every three weeks.

I am really looking forward to next weekend when mom and Owen will be painting the nursery and putting a fresh coat of paint on the crib. It’s nice to see things finally coming together in there and having it done will do wonders for my insomnia.

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