Monday, January 23, 2006

Dear Jake...a Blog For Choice Day response

I wanted to take a moment to welcome all the new "faces" who have passed through these last few days, thanks to the Blog For Choice Day event. I hope you'll stick around. Now...on to business

I come from a newspaper family. I know how easy it is to get into an editorial page pissing match (forgive the lingo) over political issues. And though I swore I wouldn’t do it with regards to my Blog For Choice day post, I feel that this comment cannot go unanswered, even though I appreciate the initial compliment. I am deeply, deeply offended. And whether you're pro-life or pro-choice, you should be too. After all, pro-lifers, he calims to be one of you...

jakejacobsen said...

Wel said! I disagree, but I found your arguments interesting and compelling.

One detail I would like to expand on. The reason the US leads in teenage abortion is illegal immigration and anchor babies. Remove that from the equation and the figures drop dramatically.

Dear Jake:

I had intended to begin my response to you by indicating that I’m sure you are a nice but misguided person. Please notice the past tense in that sentence. I’ve changed my mind. I checked out your blog. Turns out you're a malignant gorwth on the soul of America...

Am I reading your comment correctly? Are you actually telling me that, because of their citizenship standing, all those “dead babies” created by the “illegal” population DON’T COUNT?

That, because of their skin color IT DOESN’T MATTER?

That we should discount the experiences of all those people (who you say drive up the abortion rate) simply because they have not yet jumped through all the right hoops to attain American citizenship or because they were born someplace else, despite the fact that they live here, breathe this air, walk on this ground, work (some of them for disgustingly low wages), go to school, pay taxes (some of them do!), participate in social services and generally constitute a portion of the culture at large?

That is one of the most bigoted comments I’ve ever heard. They shouldn’t count…they’re not technically American. How deplorable. I would think that a pro-life individual would be against the death of any fetus/child, not just the ones who are American citizens. You, sir, are a festering black eye on the already mangled face of the pro-life movement.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with S.A. Also, I abhor the term "illegal." The proper term is undocumented. No human soul is "illegal" for leaving their homeland, friends, families, etc. in order for their family to have enough money just to eat and have medicine. The U.S. is on the receiving end of the failed policies of NAFTA. NAFTA is not even technically legislation, is is a series of regulations written by big business in the name of greed. Did you know the # of undocumented immigrants more than tripled after NAFTA was enacted? I spent some time im Mexico in an indigenous communinity (desecendants of the Mayans) and I recommend that for the sake of your soul, Mr. Jacobson, you will choose to educate yourself to see both sides of humanity in this situation.