Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hell freezes over...

The organization for which I work is currently involved in a large fund-raising event in order, theoretically, to raise money and awareness for domestic violence (I have my doubts with regards to our “partnering” businesses). Today I attended yet another planning meeting for the event, this one to plan how best to recruit volunteers to help us pull off the event. What follows is an actual, unscripted and unedited account of a portion of one conversation between my boss and me.

Her: Sarah, I want you to contact local high schools to see if their ski teams might be interested in taking on our cause as a project.
Me (knowing where this is going): Is there going to be any way for us to make cross-country ski equipment available to volunteers who might be interested in helping but who don’t own skis?
Her: Well, we might be able to find some for one or two people, but we can’t outfit a whole big group of people or anything. Why, do you have an idea?
Me: Well, yes, but you know that the schools up here are all small enough that they don’t have Nordic ski teams, right? All we have are downhill teams. Only big schools and schools in the U.P. have Nordic teams.
Her: What about the local ski leagues?
Me: Well, again, I believe that most of the organized leagues in this area are downhill.
Her: (heaving a big sigh and then saying with irritation in her voice) Look, Sarah, to some extent, skiing is skiing, okay?
Me (giving up): Yeah, okay…I guess you’re right.

I suppose if you’re not a skier or at least from someplace cold, this little interlude won’t make much sense to you. If you do happen to be a skier, you’re probably laughing your ass off.

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