Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Baby update

Well, as of Sunday I was 11 weeks pregnant. Everything went very well at the doctor yesterday. My blood pressure is dead on normal and I’ve actually lost a little weight since my last visit. The doctor isn’t concerned, though. She says it’s not uncommon. I’m only supposed to stay on my Glucophage (blood sugar regulating medication) for another week and then she wants me to go off it so they can do the routine gestational diabetes test on me. I’m at a little bit of a higher risk for that because of the PCOS.

This was my first “external” ultrasound. That’s nice. I don’t think I’ll miss the other ones too much. I certainly won’t miss the probe. I have to say, though, that it was easier to see things during the “internal” ultrasounds. The pictures aren’t as clear this time. It was funny, though, because the doctor put the little thingy (what is that thingy called? Anybody know?) on me and started to look for the baby and then said in a kind of a blasé voice, “Well, it looks like it’s standing on its head today.” This caused me to laugh and made the ultra sound go wonky until I stopped. I have read this is normal – the baby becomes very active during the 2nd trimester to strengthen its muscles. Still, I thought it was kind of funny.

Owen asked her when we could tell the sex and she said that we could at around 16 or 18 weeks. We’ve read that it could be done as early as 14 weeks. In any case, my next appointment isn’t until the day of Halloween, and then I’ll be just 16 weeks. BUT….they told me that they didn’t think they’d be doing an ultrasound next time – they’ll be listening to the heartbeat instead. So, they may make us wait a whole extra month to see if it’s a boy or a girl but I have a feeling if Owen’s there he may be wheedling an ultrasound out of them. Then again, I might too. We’re dying to know!

The pictures are attached this time as usual. The one labeled “9-26-05 2” actually has the little measuring marks on it. Because the baby was a little curled at the time, the measurement isn’t exactly accurate but STILL, measuring WITHOUT taking into account it being curled, the baby is the exact right size for 11 weeks, 0 days. So actually, the little stinker is probably quite a little bit bigger than that. Owen guesses between 45 and 48 mm (or bigger – yeesh!) instead of 42, calculating by the hypotenuse and all. It’s very scientific and you might have to take a math class to understand it better. While you’re there, you might want to ask them why, if you count backwards, the babies are actually conceived during the second week of pregnancy. That’s an odd one on me.


9/26/05 2

I noticed this morning, as I was looking at the calendar, that it looks as though the baby is doe on Easter Sunday. I’m not quite sure….does this mean we have to get him/her an Easter basket AND a birthday present? And more importantly…do I still have to go to church?

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