Monday, September 19, 2005

What the???

Hold on to your britches...and check to see how late the slopes are open in hell. My boss has finally acknowleged that I'm pregnant! And it only took ten weeks! This is amazing! Even more amazing: she said "congratulations" even though she hates children and thinks people shouldn't have them anymore.

I'm thinking there must have been a solar flair or a shift in Earth's axis because I noticed many other interesting (and sometimes scary) phenomina today:

- My other boss (the sub-boss) was listening to CHRISTMAS music in her office today. Even stranger: she was listening to Kathy Lee Gifford. Apparently on purpose.

- The cat shit on the floor. This may not appear to be any big deal to most of you, but it FREAKS me out.

- Owen almost got in a car accident. Oh wait...that's not so unusual. Nevermind.

- Even though we have 300-some channels, there was NOTHING to watch on TV or in the TiVo and so I got stuck watching an EDITED version of Clueless, starring Alecia Silverstone. The scarriest part: I watched the whole thing

- In a stunning pro-life turn of events (I mean cat life - not fetus life), Velma actually didn't lay down in front of the car as I drove down the driveway today. (The cat, not the grandma). Maybe she wants to grow up after all. I'm even hoping that someday she can run in a straight line.

So you was a day full of odd coincidences. Kind of freaks me out, actually. I think I may have to sleep with the lights on tonight.

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