Thursday, September 01, 2005

The day of "I Don't Give a Crap..."

This is the day of “I don’t give a crap.” Why? Because it just felt right this morning. Maybe because I’m so heartsick about all the bad news from the storm and from here, too (Owen’s secretary was in a serious accident this morning and her 6-year old son may not survive). Maybe I’m just tired. Either way, it doesn’t seem like there is much worth getting in a fuss about. It seems there are much bigger things in life to fuss about these days than the petty day-to-day bickering of unhappy people. So…

I was late for work this morning. Only 15 minutes, though. I woke up on time but I decided my bedroom needed straightening and also that I could not go back to work until I had a new work playlist on my iPod. I knew I’d be late but, well, I didn’t really give a crap.

I decided not to bring in a lunch with me today. I do almost every day. But not today. I couldn’t muster up the will-power to put it together. What will I have for lunch? I don’t know…but I don’t give a crap.

Then I got to work and, because today is “Bike Day” at the day care, the parking lot was closed. That left only the small, side parking lot. This is the same lot in which I was reamed out for incorrect, hateful parking practices. I could tell when I drove up that there was no way for me to park and still allow another car to park. There just wasn’t enough room. And my boss (the one who “hates” my parking skills) wasn’t there yet. This virtually guaranteed that, if I parked in the lot, she would come up and yell at me for doing so incorrectly. But I did it anyway. Why? Because I don’t give a crap.

And, in a way, I guess I kind of wanted her to come yell at me. Because I think it would be really cathartic to yell back. Yesterday I yelled at the reservations manager at the Radisson motel. Why? Because she would not listen to me. So I had to MAKE her listen. The result? I am the only person in the state to secure reservations at the government rate for the meeting next week. Damn I’m good. And a little moody, I think. It’s the baby’s fault.

People always used to say that you can catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. This is undeniably true. However, you KILL significantly many more if you use a fly swatter. And after all….we’re not catching them to keep them as pets, are we?

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