Friday, July 22, 2005

I get so mad...

Okay…so last night I arrived home and, as is my usual routine, after dropping all my junk, I leaf through the mail. Well, last night I was so blessed as to receive a bill from the office of my reproductive endocrinologist in Grand Rapids. I really like this guy…he seems really nice and he also seems honest. I like that their clinic is non-profit. That means that they don’t pressure me into unnecessary procedures that cost $20,000 (for those of you who have done this, you know who you are. You should be ashamed.).

But last night, last night I got a bill for $112.00. Granted, this bill pales in comparison of some of the other bills I’ve gotten and I’m happy to pay it (if it eventually gives me what I want) but, hey, you can buy a lot of Ho-Hos with $112.00, am I right? (No….I don’t intend to do this…it’s just a point of comparison. I can’t even imagine how long I would have to punish myself on the elliptical machine to get rid of $112.00 worth of Ho-Hos…but it sounds like hell. What am I saying? 5 minutes on that torture device is hell. Right…back on track…) What is this bill for, you ask? No gory details to share here, it’s just my “long distance case management fee.” So let me make this clear…they charged me $112.00 for three phone calls and faxing three orders for lab work. Yeah. You people who just get pregnant by accident….bite me.

But here’s where it gets good. I am supposed to have my lab work drawn first thing this morning so that the results can be faxed down state by this afternoon and my case manager can tell me weather or not I need to keep receiving injections. I get up early, leave the house an hour early so that I can go to the hospital and have the blood drawn and still get to work on time (since I have to leave for two other Dr. appointments today and have burned up all my sick, personal and vacation time). I get there at 10 after 7, wait in line for 5 minutes, only to discover that the freaking office in Grand Rapids has not faxed down the order for my blood draw. The lab won’t do it without the order. The office down state doesn’t open until 8 (at which point I am supposed to be at work) and so I can’t call them until then. So…I dragged myself out of bed early for nothing and I am still going to end up missing work this morning to go back.

AND they have the nerve to charge me $112.00 for “case management” … for three phone calls! What the frappucino is that?!?!?!? THIS is the “case management” I must pay $112.00 for? GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR I get so mad!!!

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Andrew Andrew said...

Sounds like you need to send them a $112 bill for "case mismanagement."