Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Looking back with fondness...

I sit in deep contemplation today. With the windows of my office open and looking out over the playground here at work (It’s finally cool enough to turn off the air!) I find myself distracted, watching the kids play and listening to their jokes (ex. Q: "Why did the elephant take a bath?" A: "Because he had no eyeballs." Apparently this is hilarious as all the other kids laughed and I didn't get it.) and games. I am thinking about why I wish I was a kid again…and not all the reasons are…um…”Positive.” Besides the fact that I miss "taking turns, " I would give my left arm for milk and cookies and then a good two-hour nap, it seems to me that kids have some privileges I miss.

For example…kids get to play games that 1.) are made up, 2.) contain rules that are completely arbitrary and 3.) make no sense. At all. They play together and even though the rules are completely nonsensical, they all understand them and, moreover, they can all tell when a rule has been violated even though the same rule does not apply to all people in the same way. (Ex. You’re “it” because you’re wearing a blue shirt. I’m wearing a blue shirt too, but it has white polka dots on it, therefore exempting me from the possibility of being “it.” You can’t be “it” if you have polka dots. DUH – everybody knows that.)

And, even though I am not a person who ever approves of violence as a solution to any situation, the idea of being able to whack somebody over the head with a truck because he stole your triceratops is somehow comforting. I know what you’re thinking, though…you’ll get caught because you, being 5 years old, are not capable of lying. (Q: “Alex, what are you doing with your fingers up your nose?” A: “Getting’ boogers.” Again – DUH) But here’s the thing….if you do get caught, do you know what happens? You get a time out. That’s right….for five minutes you have to/get to just sit there and think. Where do I sign up? Besides, we all know that in 10 minutes, everybody will have forgotten and will all be friends and playing together again. And let’s be honest….who couldn’t come up with a list of people they’d like to whack on the head with a truck. It sounds therapeutic to me.

And now I am off to a healthy lunch of healthy foods that are full of fibery goodness and anti-oxidants. And I'm thinking...I would so much rather be having chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs and chocolate milk.

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