Wednesday, July 20, 2005

They call this living...

People have been telling me I should blog. Before that people told me I should journal. Of course, people tell me to do things all the time and, usually, unless I see a logical reason why I should (such as, for example, I am being paid for it. See #25, below) I am not one prone to just skip along and follow orders. However, my husband thinks it will help me start writing again. Maybe he’s right, so here goes…

It is my understanding from my cousin, Amy, who knows these things, that beginning a blog with a “Blogger's 101” laundry list of stuff about me is a good idea. I trust her judgment since her blog is fantastically entertaining and funny. You should check it out: So here it is…the beginnings of me…

1. I have a middle name (unusual in my family)
2. I got it when I was like 4 (unusual in any family?)
3. I’m proud to be a nerdy girl
4. I have officially been enrolled at 7 colleges
5. I actually earned a degree somewhere in there
6. I had a double major: English and Women’s Studies
7. This has made me almost completely unemployable
8. I graduate from college #7 in Spring 2006
9. Degree #2 will make me a teacher
10. I have been married for 5 years
11. My husband has a useless degree too
12. I have two cats: Roxie and Velma
13. I love musicals
14. My husband bought me VIP tickets to Wicked in Chicago for our anneversary
15. In my next life I want to be either a Broadway star or an Attorney.
16. Either way, I’m going to be skinny
17. And almost 6 feet tall
18. I can’t eat white, creamy foods (like mayo)
19. It’s completely mental
20. I will puke nonetheless
21. I can’t live without my iPod, my laptop and my step stool
22. I am 5’1” tall
23. There is a woman whose sole purpose for existing is to make me suffer
24. Her name is “My Boss”
25. She has made me water the flowers twice this week (and it’s only Wednesday)
26. They are going to drown
27. She is psycho
28. My favorite color is red
29. I am a tidy person
30. I am a very politically minded person
31. I don’t like animals (except cats)
32. Most dogs make me nervous
33. I love documentary films
34. I own the BBC’s Blue Planet and have watched it many times
35. I work for a nonprofit that serves underserved women
36. My job title DOES NOT describe my job
37. At all…even a little
38. I hate to wear shoes in summer
39. I hate having my fingernails painted
40. I had a facial once. It hurt. Bad.
41. My sister is amazing – she’s going to change the world
42. She has a middle name too
43. My brother is adopted
44. I love him just the same
45. We fight like we’re blood-related
46. I love my family beyond reason
47. I am lucky: I love my in-laws as though we were biologically related.
48. My grandparents were and are amazing wonderful people
49. I am a card-carrying liberal because of them
50. I miss my grandma so so so much
51. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
52. It makes me chubby
53. It also makes it hard for me to get pregnant
54. My husband and I have been trying for almost 2 years
55. Last night he gave me my first injectable fertility drug
56. At first it didn’t hurt. Then it hurt like a bitch
57. He didn’t pass out (believe me…this is amazing progress!)
58. I am a published writer
59. I wasn’t published in anything big or famous
60. Still, I made $50 from it
61. The poem that won was written in and was about Prague, Czech Republic.
62. I have had writer’s block for almost 2 years.
63. It’s like mental constipation
64. I love black and white photography
65. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m an amateur photographer.
66. But I’m not, really.
67. I am the office computer nerd
68. I don’t know that much about computers (What does that say about my office?)
69. I know more than anybody else here
70. They made me the network administrator
71. I am the network GOD (Ha ha! No access for you!)
72. Actually, I’m more like a God in training
73. I could still bring this agency to its knees (a thought I relish)
74. I love sweet, baked things
75. That’s another reason I’m chubby
76. I used to want to be a surgical nurse so I could wear scrubs all day
77. Then I realized I don’t like to poke or cut living things
78. Yesterday I spilled a glass of water all over my computer
79. Nobody at work knows I did this
80. If they did, I would be subjected to a 45-minute discussion/investigation so that correct blame could be placed (repeatedly) and the correct person could oversee my future water drinking. I would then have to do quarterly reports on my own personal water consumption and a cost-analysis to be sure that the agency was not being over-charged for it.
81. I hate my job.
82. I get to quit in December to student teach
83. I can’t freaking wait!!!
84. I love words.
85. I like to keep them around by the bookful
86. In 2003 I spent 2 months in Europe
87. My husband is awesome because he let me go
88. My parents are the best
89. I had a fantastic childhood
90. I am a very light sleeper
91. I make the best chocolate chip cookies around (experts agree)
92. I love National Public Radio
93. I am more mechanically inclined than my husband
94. I seem to spend an unusual amount of time fixing vacuum cleaners
95. I use the elipsis (...) too much...
96. I am learning how to be a sports fan.
97. My husband and I will receive our first foster care placement at the end of this summer.
98. I once stood in the back of the “Million-Dollar Truck” in the “Beautiful, Beautiful Blue Fault” (an amethyst mine in Ontario)
99. My grandparents paid good money for that
100. I have traveled with my grandparents for a week every summer since I was 5 years old.
101. This was the first year I had to miss the trip. (See #81 above)

So that’s me…but not in a nutshell because tan really isn’t my color. I hope you enjoyed…and I hope you’ll be back. What with all the changes on the horizon for me, I have a feeling that things are about to get interesting.

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Peter said...

Nice job!
You made me laugh...