Friday, February 17, 2006

Beam me up, Scottie

I have finally reached the end of what has proven to be a very long week at work. The combination of next weekend's fund-raiser and this week's computer crisis ate up the vast majority of my time this week and, sadly, left me with too little time to blog and, when I did have time, I was too tired. I came home and went to sleep on more than one afternoon this week.

Today proved to be one of those days where it's a darn good thing it's Friday and my coworkers don't know how lucky they are that nobody got seriously hurt. I attribute this lack of injury to two things: first, the fact that stayed in my office with the door closed for most of the day and, second, that I was able to use my laser look of death to convince both my email and voice mail to remain inactive for the vast majority of the day. I attribute this largely to the good karma I gained by getting in trouble for several ridiculous things before lunch including:

- Sending an email to our event organizers asking them if the volunteers could please have a place to relax and, perhaps, a bottle of water and a snack. I's obviously unreasonable and I should have known better.

- Asking to be informed when one of my coworkers calls in sick and I am expected to cover for her. I am attributing my lack of ESP to sleep deprivation.

- Stapling the pages of an incoming fax all together before giving them to the appropriate recipient. ("Could you PLEASE use paper clips???") I know, I know...thoughtless on my part. For shame.

I think, in light of these events and the fact that I threatened to go home for the day at lunch time, the powers that be recognized that I needed a break.

I do have a humorous moment to share, however. This week's computer crisis has resulted in my having to go through caches and histories on a few computers at work to make sure that they have not been used for illicit purposes. I was given a list of websites that I needed to check for adult/illicit content, many of which were OBVIOUSLY pornographic (for example, ratemyc* It would seem, however, that in our paranoia, some us may have gotten a little over zealous. One of the sites on the list was "" It would seem that, instead of reading the name of the site as "Therapist," it was interpreted to read as "The Rapist." Thus, I was given a moment to chuckle during the stresses of the week.

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