Monday, February 13, 2006

Hypothetically speaking...

WARNING: Owen encouraged me to write this so, nice people at the NSA, if you are monitoring this and you come to get me, you should plan get him too – I’m not going down for it alone. Also, he says that if you do come arrest me, the ACLU will be all over you for putting a sweet, pregnant woman such as myself in prison.

DISCLAIMER: This blog entry in no way whatsoever encourages any harmful action to either the president or any other living person. It is this writer’s opinion that not only is such encouragement morally and legally wrong, it is a completely unnecessary. This writer is a firm believer in Darwinism…and will consider that enough said.

This morning, one of my coworkers and I were musing on the weekend activities of our not-so-expert marksman vice president. We began to wonder what would have happened if, say, the VP had actually been out hunting with the president (the kind and patriotic people of the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and all other government trollers will please notice that this is the part where I DO NOT advocate bodily harm towards any living person…it would be an accident…a fortunate accident, but an accident none the less) and, perhaps, had not been so fortunate as to have had his shotgun loaded with birdshot. Odds are it would have been fatal, since the poor little old man who the VP did shoot received pellets in the right side of his face and neck and right shoulder.

It doesn’t seem right that the VP should be able to shoot the president and then take his job. Yikes! So I guess that would make the speaker of the house the new president, wouldn’t it? J. Dennis Hastert, come on down, you’re the next contestant on Screw The Nation!

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Mom M said...

Wonderful blog entry! Darwinism is an apropos comment.

Boy! What a circus!