Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Happy Mardi Gras Everybody! I want you all to know that I have eaten a Paczki in your honor today. Not because I wanted to, but merely it is a requirement to do such a thing in celebration of Fat Tuesday…when you are supposed to eat things that make you fat and drink too much. I am skipping the drinking part this year.

As many of you may know, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. In the Catholic faith, it is the beginning of the season of Lent, the 40-day countdown to Easter Sunday. It occurred to me last night, and damn near caused a panic attack, that this also means it is 40 days until my due date, which is Easter Sunday. And let me say for the record that 40 days sounds a heck of a lot shorter, for some reason, than “a little less than 6 weeks.”

This week Sam and I have officially been a couple for 33 weeks. I’ve read that he is theoretically just about as long as he’s supposed to get and, from here on out, he’ll just be bulking up to get rid of those unsightly wrinkles. Click here for more information about week 33.

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Amy "It Never Rains In Southern California" Scott said...

40 days - not long at all. The time it takes for a good rain storm, one might say. As long as that one's name is Noah. Or God.