Monday, February 06, 2006

Now playing in a belly near you...

Well…I am writing to share our“Belly” play list with all of you. Last night, for the first time, we put the headphones on the belly and played some music for Sam. This is the rough play list Owen threw together and he says we will be refining it this week. Of course, none of MY songs are on it yet! And I haven’t even heard all of these songs either.

Little Martha – The Allman Brothers*
God Only Knows – The Beach Boys
Lullaby (Good Night, My Angel) – Billy Joel
My Sweet Lord – Billy Preston
Overkill – Colin Hay*
Lodi – Credence Clearwater Revival
Your Song – Elton John*
If Not For You – George Harrison
Carolina in My Mind – James Taylor
I’ll See You In My Dreams – Joe Brown
Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) – John Lennon
If I Had a Boat – Lyle Lovett
I’m the Fool – Mark Knopfler*
Have Love Will Travel – Tom Petty
You Took My Breath Away – The Traveling Wilburies
City of New Orleans – Willie Nelson

I put an asterisk next to the ones Sam kicked during. We’re not sure if that means he liked them, or he didn’t like them or maybe he just had to wiggle a little (after all, he got half his DNA from his dad!). I’m sure as we conduct further research, I will have more solid data to report. He also kicked a whole bunch when the music was over. All in all, it was very interesting and Owen found it both fascinating and exciting. He wanted a report of every single kick.

Also, Sam crossed the 30-week mark on Sunday. Time is absolutely flying by! We had our first shower on Saturday and received several thoughtful and fantastic gifts! Unfortunately, a bad storm kept the U.P. contingency at home and we all really missed seeing them – we were looking forward to the visit!

I’m proclaiming a general “thanks” to any readers who attended here, but will also send thank you notes via snail mail this week. I wanted to especially thank Emily and Cathy for all their time and hard work in putting the shower on, and also to thank Joe and Becky for hosting it at their house. And thanks to Sara for being there to help out as well. You’re all good people and Sam and I (and Owen) are lucky to have you.

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