Monday, August 01, 2005

My side of the story...

This entry contains a response, also known as “my side of the story” to Owen’s entry about sleeping problems. If you’d like to read it, check out his blog at

Let me begin by stating that my husband, the aforementioned Owen, is the human equivalent of an electron. He is in constant motion, usually at exceedingly high rates of speed. Sometimes it may just be his lips moving (he is quite the talker). Other times, it is his hands at motion in a flurry of imaginary piano keystrokes. But…when we’re sleeping (or at least trying to) it is his feet. He kicks and shuffles so much I sometimes think he is actually planning out a tap routine and that he’s going to leave me for a life on the vaudeville stage. At such moments as these, the idea actually has a pleasing ring to it…because perhaps then I could get some sleep.

I’m the first to admit that I’m a light sleeper. (Check out my Blogger’s 101. I admitted it there.) However, I don’t know many people who would willingly go to sleep each night whilst the person next to them has the light on, is noisily turning magazine pages ever 30 seconds or so, and is constantly repositioning. His solution? I’m to sleep with an eye mask on and ear plugs in my ears. I’ve gotten pretty good at ditching the mask (most nights) but the ear plugs give me a hard time. After a lifetime of chronic ear infections they are sensitive and too many nights in a row with the plugs in leaves them itchy and congested. So I don’t like to wear them unless I have to.

Now…on the evening in question (that would be last night) I NEVER, not even once asked him to stop reading. At about quarter after 10, I just asked him if he would be finished soon. I was very sleepy…and contrary to what he says, I cannot just decide to sleep and sleep. Constant noise is distracting and keeps me awake. Still, I did not ask him to stop reading and he did not suggest I put in my ear plugs.

I awoke several times during the night to his constant kicking and shuffling (and perhaps the humming of some ragtime tune, I can’t be sure…I was groggy). My sleep was light and fruitless as I, being a stupid, stupid girl, and, having sworn off caffeine for the time being, had waaaaaaaay too much diet coke during the afternoon/evening. Needless to say (and so then why will I say it, you ask? The answer is “I don’t know.”), that and his kicking kept me up most of the night and so I too am exhausted today. And despite all that, I love him too.

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